My Story

My love for good nutrition, self-sufficiency, simplistic living and my passion for helping people led me to create this blog.

Although I knew little about these subjects at the beginning of my adult life, a healthy thirst for more knowledge in these areas put me on my path of living consciously.

In July 2000, I moved to a 100 acre natural bushland property which was situated 1 kilometre from the Alpine National Park in Victoria, Australia. The house had no electricity and my nearest permanent neighbour lived 6 kilometres away.

I lived on this property for 6 years and it was definitely a trying time for me, however the skills I learned from living in such I remote place I will never forget and I am truly grateful for.

Because the property had no electricity it freed up my time for other pursuits such as reading and gardening. At the time I knew nothing about gardening, but I was willing to learn. This is when I discovered two magazines: Grass Roots and Earth Garden, both of which are still my favourite magazines today.

These magazines introduced me to a way of living that resonated deep within me. I devoured every copy I could get my hands on. I learned facts and skills about animal care, farmers markets, sustainable living, cooking healthy, allergy free recipes, building and retrofitting, gardening, craft and much more.  All of which was practical information from people who have done it themselves and on a shoestring budget! This part was important as I was broke! And thus my love for self-sufficiency and environmental protection was born.

From the magazines and books they recommended I read,I acquired the knowledge to make my own washing powder, dishwashing liquid, shampoos, soaps and much much more. I grew a vegetable garden, I composted, I baked and cooked, I made everything I could from scratch including toiletry and cleaning products.

I lived through freezing winters and scorching summers. I raised chickens, ducks, horses, goats and milked cows. With each day that passed my nutritional and health consciousness skyrocketed! The more food I grew and the more products I made led me to discover how bad factory manufactured products and processed food was for our bodies and for the environment. With all this awareness nutrition and good health became a strong part of my life values list.

Although I was learning and living in accordance with my beliefs, I was terribly unhappy.

It wasn’t my lifestyle choices that I was unhappy with, I loved being in nature and living consciously on the land, it was my relationship.

My relationship was very destructive and I couldn’t cope with it anymore. So I packed my car leaving most of my belongings behind and move into a small rural town. Yippeee! I had electricity again! You never really know how much you miss something until it’s not there. This is how I felt about electricity, although this time I used it more consciously and wisely.

I wandered aimlessly through life for the next few years, living without purpose. I still cooked and made my own products, but I had gradually fallen back on the consumer treadmill and my conscious living waned. During this time I moved from Victoria to Queensland and I completed a Bachelor of Public Relations. While I was studying my degree I stumbled upon Food Matters, a fellow student had a copy of it and kindly lent it to me to watch.

This documentary reawakened my consciousness in such a profound way it is difficult for me to describe. It was the spark I needed to get the fire burning in my belly again. After watching Food Matters I took myself off to the hardware store and bought myself some pots, organic compost and dirt. My house was a rental rented and I wasn’t allowed to dig myself a vegetable garden, so I decided that I could grow my vegetables in pots and that’s exactly what I did!

Not long after I had begun gardening again a new friend told me about an organic supermarket nearby where we lived and I began shopping there which further ignited my passion for conscious living. At this particular point in my life documentaries and books regarding conscious healthy living were falling in my lap. I watched Food Inc and The Future of Food, I read Turn Over A New Leaf  I could not get enough I was addicted to healthy eating and living and treading carefully on our earth. I would preach to anyone that would listen to me.

By July 2010 I had finished my degree and I managed to land myself an awesome job (or so I thought) in Sydney. This time our rented house was much bigger situated on an acre on the outskirts of the city. At this point all I was thinking about was the money I would be making as I had been on a limited income for the past few years and of all the vegetables I would grow.

After settling into our new abode and starting work, I gradually discovered that I had less time to pursue my gardening passion and as a result my vegetable garden was much smaller than anticipated. As time passed I grew more and more uncomfortable in my new job and unhappy again. I tried to cure this unhappiness with consumerism, you know “shopping therapy”. Before too long I found myself in deep debt and completely and utterly unhappy with the choices that I had made. I had strayed off my life path again! I realised I wasn’t doing what I loved, but I also wasn’t living true to my values.

By chance one miserable day at work I came across Miss Minimalist I read every article that she had written that day and when I returned home I purchased her book The Joy of Less. Finally another piece of my life puzzle fell into place! I got off the consumer treadmill and promptly got down to the business of downsizing and minimising all of my belongings. I had managed to accumulate all this stuff in the last few years and I had lost sight of who I was and what I believed in.

Since that fateful day in October 2011 I have taken many many many boxes to goodwill places and donated much of my stuff. I feel so much lighter, freer and I think more clearly.

I quit my job in December 2011 and began working for myself as I realised that I wasn’t cut out for the consumerist, capitalist, corporate world that I had landed in. My true values lie in a simple conscious way of living.

It has been 12 years since I began my new life journey and now I can honestly say that I know what my life’s purpose is. It is to live intentionally and in sync with my values. Supporting my life with the things that are most important to me: good nutrition, good health, self-sufficiency, sustainability simplistic living, minimalism and to help others. I know I am on the right path because I am happy!

I hope by writing this blog and sharing my knowledge that I can inspire others and help them to on their journey to intentional living.Image


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